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Karstensen Shipyard established 'Karstensen Shipyard Poland’ in July 2018. 

The company will undertake all hull production of Karstensen Shipyard. The aim is to be in full charge of our production, thereby enabling us to design, build and equip single-handedly. 

Karstensen Shipyard has taken over the production facilities of Vistal Offshore in Gdynyia on a three-year lease. 

The production plant is from 2013 and is well-suited to the shipyard's hull production. The production facilities consist of two well equipped, modern building halls measuring 200 x 30 x 30m, respectively 150 x 30 x 20m with associated offices and modern staff facilities.


New order #471 "SILLE MARIE"
Sille Marie AS, Kristiansand og Karstensens Skibsværft, Skagen, har indgået kontrakt om design, bygning og levering af en ny 65,90 m pelagisk trawler.
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New order #461 "GINNETON"
Gifico rederiet og Karstensens Skibsværft har indgået kontrakt om design og bygning af en 63,80 m trawler !
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New order #468 "GOLLENES"
Owners Gollenes AS from Norway has ordered a 69,99 m Pelagisk Trawler. The hull is expected to Skagen in June 2022 and the vessel is to be delivered March 2023
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