"VÆDDEREN" - 2006/2007



112,50 m

Breadth moulded:

14,50 m


6,00 m


20 kn


60 pers.

The ”Vædderen” was equipped for the Danish Galathea III research expedition in the spring of 2006. The vessel was fitted with: Winches for research fishing, various ocean and air measuring equipment, a crane for handling equipment onboard as well as a container village for the scientists.


New order #471 "SILLE MARIE"
Sille Marie AS, Kristiansand og Karstensens Skibsværft, Skagen, har indgået kontrakt om design, bygning og levering af en ny 65,90 m pelagisk trawler.
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New order #461 "GINNETON"
Gifico rederiet og Karstensens Skibsværft har indgået kontrakt om design og bygning af en 63,80 m trawler !
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New order #468 "GOLLENES"
Owners Gollenes AS from Norway has ordered a 69,99 m Pelagisk Trawler. The hull is expected to Skagen in June 2022 and the vessel is to be delivered March 2023
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