Karstensens Skibsvaerft A/S has 5 slipway facilities as well as a dry dock and a large closed painting shed with a slipway of its own.

Slipway 1

Length (m): 90,0​

Breadth (m): 14,0​

Weight (t): 3.000

Slipway 4

Length (m): 30,0​

Breadth (m): 7,5​

Weight (t): 100

Slipway 5

Length (m): 25,0​

Breadth (m): 5,5​

Weight (t): ​100

Slipway 6

Length (m): 25,0​

Breadth (m): 5,5​

Weight (t): 100

Slipway 8

Length (m): 60,0​

Breadth (m): 12,0​

Weight (t): 750


Karstensen Gruppen leverer positivt resultat
Karstensen Gruppens virksomheder har afsluttet regnskabet for 2019 og leverer et positiv resultat på DKK 31,5 mio. efter skat.
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New Order #464 MYGGENÆS
Owners Lynge Fiskeri A/S, Thyborøn/Hanstholm has ordered a 36,00 Whitefish Trawler. The Hull is expected to Skagen in June 2021 with finished vessel delivery in December 2021.
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New Order #465 ARTEMIS
Northbay Fishing Co Ltd and Wiseman Fishing Co Ltd has established a partnership and placed an order for a 75,00 m Pelagic Trawler newbuilding with Karstensen Shipyard. #465 will be named “Artemis” and will have homeport in Banff, Scotland.
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​Karstensens Skibsværft A/S

Vestre Strandvej 17

9990 Skagen

Phone: +45 9844 1311 10859581

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