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Production Capacity

Karstensens Skibsvaerft A/S is situated at the western part of Skagen Harbour and covers a large area (please see situation plan no 1). Our shipyard has all the facilities required to successfully perform all kinds of shipbuilding and repairs of vessels, up to approx. 135 m in length, as well as an indoor painting shed for surface treatment of vessels up to approx. 42 m in length.

​Please find below a brief description of our shipyard’s production facilities:

​Our building facilities consist of our modern engine department, steel department, painting shed, combined warehouse and equipment department as well as bright and friendly offices modernized or built within the past few years.

  • The engineering workshop is situated next to the shipyard’s largest slipway and close to its outfitting quay. It was built in 1997. In this department the shipyard has all the machines necessary to turn, cut and mill various materials as well as an engine pit to handle propeller shafts. Furthermore, overhead travelling cranes are available here for moving of materials. The engineering department meets all working environment requirements with respect to noise, smell and air.

  • The steel workshop is situated next to the shipyard’s largest slipway and was modernized i 1998. In this department we have powerful overhead travelling cranes for moving materials, and air suction ventilators have been installed everywhere.

  • In 1995 Karstensens Skibsvaerft A/S bought the painting shed which is situated by the seaward approach to Skagen Harbour. In this large, closed shed, our shipyard offers environmentally sound repair, sand blasting and painting operations on vessels up to 42 m in length and 14 m in breadth. This is the only shed in Denmark that meets the strictest environmental requirements with respect to sand blasting and painting.

  • In 2003 a combined warehouse/goods receipt and equipping department was built on Pier 4. Furthermore, the first floor of the building accommodates the shipyard’s production management as well as surveyors offices. In the equipping department all equipment required to outfit a vessel is available. This department also meets all environmental requirements. The warehouse has been arranged according to up-to-date principles, and all stock goods are bar coded.

  • The administration building is facing Vestre Strandvej and was fully renovated in 2000. Here you will find the shipyard’s management team, the design office, the financial and IT department as well as the production managers of the repair department.

  • Furthermore, the shipyard has its own carpenter’s/joiner’s and electrical engineering departments, crew’s quarters and a canteen for 250 employees/subcontractors.

  • In 2007 was the shipyard finished building a new dry dock. The dry dock is 135 meter long, 25 meter broad and 8.2 meter deep.

  • In 2007 a new pipe workshop of 900 m2 and a new goods receipt facility of 1.250 m2 will be built. These buildings will be placed along the new dry dock.

The shipyard has 1 dry dock and 7 slipways with the following specifications:

Dry dock​

Length (m): 135,0​

Breadth (m): 25,0​

Weight (t): -​

Slipway 1

Length (m): 90,0​

Breadth (m): 14,0​

Weight (t): 3.000

Slipway 4

Length (m): 30,0​

Breadth (m): 7,5​

Weight (t): 100

Slipway 5

Length (m): 25,0​

Breadth (m): 5,5​

Weight (t): ​100

Slipway 6

Length (m): 25,0​

Breadth (m): 5,5​

Weight (t): 100

Slipway 8

Length (m): 60,0​

Breadth (m): 12,0​

Weight (t): 750

Painted shed

Length (m): 50,0​

Breadth (m): 14,0​

Weight (t): 700

The shipyard has a fenced-in fitting out quay with a berth of approx. 250 m. Here we have a 40 m high remote-controlled tower crane with a reach of 52 m. Our shipyard has another remote-controlled tower crane with a reach of 46 m at our largest slipway (no 1). Furthermore, we have various transport equipment available, such as snorkel lifts, mobile cranes and forklift trucks. The whole area is fenced in.

Our drawing office applies the most recent versions of ”Auto-Cad” to draw up designs, and the stability programme ”Auto-Hydro” for vessel stability analysis.​


Owners Samherji Island and Sildarvinnslan, has confirmed orders for two identical 88,00 m Purser/ Trawler newbuildings with Karstensen Shipyard. #452 will be named VILHELM ÞORSTEINSSON and is owned by Samherji Island. #453 will be named BÖRKUR and is owned by Sildarvinnslan.
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#441 SERENE named and launched 25 August 2018
Newbuilding 441 SERENE was named, launched and handed over to owners Serene Fishing Co. Ltd from Whalsay, Shetland on 25 August 2018 from Karstensen Shipyard. Serene is 82 m long and 17,20 m wide and designed by Karstensens Shipyard and is the first delivery by Karstensens to the Shetland Islands and the biggest fishing vessel registered in Shetland for the time being.
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Karstensens Skibsværft A/S udvider og investerer i skrogproduktion i Polen!
Som en naturlig følge af ønske og ambition om at fastholde positionen som den førende totalleverandør af større fiskefartøjer, har Karstensens Skibsværft nu realiseret en stor del af visionen, ved at etablere ’Karstensen Shipyard Poland’
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