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New Contract: #417 "PAULA"

The vessel was launched ny Mrs Paula Doyle (who is also a director in Doyle Fishing Co Ltd) at an informal ceremony on Saturday 3 December 2011. During the last week, the crew has been busy getting all the fishing gear rigged onboard, and ”Paula” is expected head directly for the fishing grounds already Monday 5 December.

The hull for ”Paula” was built in Gdansk, Poland, and arrived in Skagen mid-July, and now, after only 4½ months outfitting-time, she is all ready for fishing.

The owners are working a traditional pelagic trawl fishing, with mackerel and horse mackerel being main species of target. The new vessel will be operating according to same principles.

​“Paula”s predecessor was built in 1994, and sold to Norway in the spring of 2011. Coincidentally, this vessel was, under its new name “Rottingoy” in Skagen to discharge, at the same day, as new “Paula” was launched ! The new vessel has an overall length of 62,60 m, a beam of 12,80 m and depth to shelter deck of 7,80 m. The vessel is a sistership to Karstensen build 415 “Gollenes”, which was delivered to Norwegian owners in September 2011.

Mick Doyle is well-known and long established owner/skipper in the Irish pelagic fleet. Mr Doyle took delivery of his first new-built vessel (“Venture”) in 1971. This vessel followed predecessors ”Primula” and ”Marie Avril”. Skipper Doyles fourth command and second newbuilding was “Paula” in 1980, followed by another “Paula” in 1994. Mr Doyle retired from sea some years ago, leaving the helm in the capable hands of Tom Doyle (not related), who will also be in command of the new vessel. Onboard is also Mr Doyles son, Michael, who is currently training for his skippers ticket.

The yard is grateful for the trust Mick Doyle has shown by placing this order with us. The cooperation with Owners, skipper and crew has been With this, latest delivery, half of the pelagic fleet in Killybegs has been built with Karstensen Shipyard...


#440 GIRL STEPHANIE launched 08.12.18
Wednesday 12 December 2018, newbuilding 440 “Girl Stephanie” was handed over to owners Stephanie Flaherty, Patricia, Tomás and Pauric Conneely, Galway, Ireland from Karstensen Shipyard.
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Ny ordre: #454 – ” SKAGERAK ”
Rederiselskabet S 107 Skagerak ApS har bestilt en ny 28,05 m Rejetrawler hos Karstensens Skibsværft A/S. Fartøjet bliver en topmoderne trawler, med alt indenfor det nyeste af maskineri, udstyr og udrustningen. Projektet i sin helhed er blevet til i et meget nært og intenst samarbejde mellem Rederi og Værft. Det nye fartøj baserer sig på et design leveret af Vestværftet, men optimeret ihht Rederiets ønsker og krav. Rederiet og Værftets rådgivere og bankforbindelser har også bidraget gunstigt til en effektiv beslutningsproces.
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Western Chieftain launched 12.10.2018
Friday 12 October 2018, newbuilding 439 “Western Chieftain” was handed over to owner Frank Doherty, Kincasslagh, Co Donegal, Ireland from Karstensen Shipyard. The hull for “Western Chieftain” was built in Nauta Shipyard, Gdansk, Poland, and arrived in Skagen in March, and after blessing of the vessel in Killybegs last Friday, the vessel is now heading North for the Mackerel fishing.
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