New Order #465 ARTEMIS

#465 – ”ARTEMIS”

Northbay Fishing Co Ltd and Wiseman Fishing Co Ltd has established a partnership and placed an order for a 75,00 m Pelagic Trawler newbuilding with Karstensen Shipyard.

#465 will be named “Artemis” and will have homeport in Banff, Scotland.

The newly established partnership currently operates the 64m “Resolute”, to be renamed “Artemis”. This vessel will be sold upon arrival of the new vessel. The new vessel will operate along the same pattern as the existing vessel, with a traditional pelagic trawl fishery, where target species are mackerel and herring.

Northbay Fishing Company is a subsidiary of Interfish of Plymouth, headed by Jan Colam.

Wiseman Fishing Company is headed and owned by well-known pelagic fishing personality and chairman of Scottish Pelagic Fishermen’s Association (SPFA), Alex Wiseman along with his son Adam Wiseman.

Although this is a new partnership, Jan and Alex have been friends over many years, since first meeting in the mid 1970’s in Plymouth during the heydays of mackerel fishing in that area. In the in-between years the parties have done several business deals together.

Adam Wiseman will continue as skipper with the new vessel, as he is on the existing.

Karstensen Shipyard is extremely proud of this new order, which continues long standing working relations with both Mr Colam and Messrs Wiseman. Cooperation between Northbay Fishing Company and Karstensen has been with maintenance and repairs on “Altaire” for a good few years. Cooperation with Alex Wiseman stretches even further back, some 30 years, when “Radiant Star” was in Skagen to do overhauls. Adam and Alex Wiseman also build KS-431 “Kings Cross” in 2016 in Skagen (in partnership with Lunar Fishing).

Returning and loyal customers is the best stamp any shipyard can get, as confirmation of their quality and business approach.

This new contract stresses the shipyards position as the prime designer and builder of larger pelagic fishing vessels. Karstensen Shipyard has, for the time being, orders for no less than 10 pelagic vessels, which are to be delivered throughout the next 2 years.

Karstensen Shipyard offers a complete concept, where all solutions are optimized and tailor made to customer specifications and requirements. Karstensen is independent of all suppliers, which makes such an optimization very flexible.​

The design, specification and arrangements of #465 “Artemis” is a result of an extensive and close cooperation between Owners and Yard, where all details have been tailor made to suit Owners exact specifications.

Focus has been on optimizing catch quality and hygiene, in order to allow new “Artemis” to land first class quality products. Also optimizing working environment as well as safety and comfort for the crew, has been major issues during design works.

It is noteworthy, that Wartsila will supply a full propulsion- and auxiliary engine package, with main engine being the award-winning Wartsila 10V31.

With this contract skipper Wiseman will continue a long standing working relationship with Wartsila.

Most main suppliers has already been chosen, many represents repeats of owners previous choicer of suppliers, such as Karmøy Winch, Triplex and Johnson Controls, giving testimony to satisfaction with performance of these products.

New “Artemis” is scheduled for delivery in June 2022.

Main dimensions:

Length overall                            ​​75,00 m
​Breadth moulded​                       15,60 m
​Depth shelter deck​                     9,20 m

Summary of main equipment:

​Propulsion plant                         ​Wartsila 10V31, 6100 kW
​Auxiliary engines                        ​Wartsila
​Winches​Karmøy                         Winch
​Cranes​Macgregor                      Triplex
​RSW-plant​Johnson                    Controls

Learn more about the vessel here:


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